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What Is Limited Tort?

In Pennsylvania, the law requires that insurance companies offer a relatively lower cost option for drivers to consider when purchasing auto insurance. The PA Motor Vehicle Resp. Law (PAMVL) specifically requires a "limited tort": option for vehicles registered in Pennsylvania. In effect, this Limited Tort option limits the ability of a policy holders to recover compensation for for "non-economic" harm (ie; pain and suffering), unless they have suffered a "serious injury".

Serious Injury

A serious injury, for the purposes of Limited tort policy holders, has been found to occur when an accident results in either death, serious impairment of a bodily function, or permanent serious disfigurement.

For more information about the "Serious Impairment Standard and Limited Tort" see our resource here .

Exceptions To PA Limited Tort

Your insurance provider may have had informed you that you are unable to obtain compensation for your significant pain and suffering as a result of your limited tort insurance policy. However, the law contains certain exceptions to the limited tort option that does not prevent you from recovering for pain and suffering, regardless of how serious the injury is. To learn more about the Exceptions to Limited Tort, read more here.

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